venres 18 marzo 2011

   I open this blog to say a few things that worry me, as that seems to rule the selfishness and greed the world, I just saw a couple of television news and the truth is that it seems that the future that awaits us is not good. My question is ... Is there anything we can do as individuals?

   From the impression that events are moving and can only be spectators of our lives, including the issue of nuclear power, now you're seeing this problem in Japan seems to ... good is an exceptional case, it is very difficult to give all these cases, at the same time ... but what you are saying? say that nuclear energy can stop global warming ... man light and life on earth pass also killed two birds with one stone, and more for being so biased? Why not tell people what's going on with nuclear waste? how long are active? which has its storage conditions? I could spend the same on nuclear graveyard?.

   In this as in other things (like the use of GMOs, for example) gives the impression that we got into a car with a screw in each wheel and tell us ... "Calm is safe, there are very few opportunities to fail, blah, blah, blah, blah ..." but the question is ... And if not? What does it mean? We are willing to die to play the play or connect the heater to 27 º?. From the impression that we started an endless race for waste and leisure at leisure without considering what this means, it is nice to have comfort, do not think that suffering lectured, but ... growth by the simple growth? Shopping for the pure enjoyment of shopping?.

   The prevailing logic is that a company earning 10% and last year won a 15% is not working well, this is not as untenable that there? Why are we forced to steady growth and increasing? This is not only natural, but seems excessive growth of a tumor that a life based on principles rather "natural."

   Finally, I would like this to become something especially in training, where they can share knowledge, views and experiences to generate a critical opinion about our relationship with the world around us.

   A greeting ...

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